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  • Practical tips for creating an indoor recreational centre (download pdf)
What regulations do playstructures need to comply with?

Playgrounds and -equipment are subjected to the European regulations for play structures. These EN 1176-1177 regulations are applicable to all professional play structures. These regulations distinguish several different types of structures. Additionally, managers from recreational centres are mandated to keep up a log in which all play structures are inventoried. If applicable, all our playgrounds at least meet country specific requirements and norms.

Play stucture maintenance

Ameco play structures are designed with low maintenance costs in mind. The maintenance frequency depends on the visitor numbers and the type of play structure. Usually, weekly maintenance will suffice.

Profitability of an indoor playground project

Even though it’s near impossible to provide any information without project-specific information, several guidelines can help you draft a financial plan. We’d like to refer you to the practical tips for creating an indoor recreational project.

Can we receive a catalogue or brochure?

Since we do not offer standardized products, we don’t have general brochures. Projects are always designed in accordance with the demands and wishes of each client. Each project is unique and possibilities are exploited to the fullest. If you wish to look at the possibilities for a project, this is no problem at all. We are happy to provide you with advice on all the possibilities. Please fill out our contact sheet or give us a call.

How do I request a price indication?

If you would like to receive a price indication, the best way is our contact sheet or by calling us. Together, we will determine the goal of your project and how Ameco can assist you in this.

Each design is tailor-made. However, we can give you guide prices based on ‘similar’, already finished projects.

A selection from our playing structures

More information?

Call us for questions about our products or other questions about Ameco Playgrounds. +32 (0) 15 768768

Ameco Playgrounds
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