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Ameco Playgrounds is an international manufacturer of playground equipment, playgrounds, and other accessories. Ameco doesn’t just build your new playground, but also offers full service. Together, we will design your dream project that fully complies with the possibilities of your building and your location.

“It is our approach to realize your project, your dream whereby we offer a helping hand,“ explains Wim De Houwer, business-owner of Ameco Playgrounds. „Not only will you be the proud and enthousiastic owner of your new Parc, but thanks to your involvement we will make sure that the result fits perfectly in the building and the concept that you intended to achieve.“




Ameco service is characterized by:

  • Extensive, transparent and complete client information
  • Strong back-up support
  • Proper after-sales service


Safety and quality

As a manufacturer of playground equipment, our products fully comply with the European- and country specific safety regulations and with strict quality demands. By doing so, we can guarantee equipment that can safely be used by children as well as accompanying adults

We offer both indoor components and complete playgrounds. You can always choose from a wide assortment of equipment that requires a minimal amount of maintenance and service fees. We can deliver our products throughout Europe and even further abroad.

Ameco’s R&D department develops our products based on 4 criteria:

  • European safety regulations
  • Strict quality demands
  • Minimal maintenance- and service fees
  • Optimal price-quality ratio



Production is conducted in our factory in Belgium, based on exclusive Ameco designs. This is always done in close collaboration with the project manager who will also take care of customization and applicable themes.



Installation and build-up can be done by our own Ameco team, by an approved dealer, or, for several product lines, by the customer themselves.

It starts with the first contacts and continues forever.

EXPERIENCE is what best describes our vision about children playing, about you as a customer, and about us as a special kind of enterprise. It is all about an intense  collaboration, during which we combine your ideas and our know-how into a unique concept.

EXPERIENCE… That is what Ameco Playgrounds stands for!

Quality and service after sales are so obvious on the one hand, but they have become the most mis-used words on earth, that we don’t really want to quote them. Yet, they are really part of the AMECO EXPERIENCE!

EXPERIENCE is also the way in which we create your project together. A project in which both children and adults can lift their interaction to new heights and true family time together. We stimulate children to exercise, get tired from running and climbing while triggering their skills and imagination in a subconscious manner. Go and Play!

It’s impossible to put this in a few words, you have to EXPERIENCE IT! And that experience is truly unique experience once you partner with Ameco.

Contact Ameco without any obligations, and EXPERIENCE how your dream can be infused with new, refreshing ideas that will make a difference in your future endeavours.


Funhouses exist in all dimensions and variations. Together with you we create a unique design, that we also can be proud of ourselves.

Baby area

The pamperzone is an area for the little ones to play. We may even integrate a challenging, educational zone for toddlers.


Together with you, we think about unique designs as creatively as possible. In this way we can even fully thematize an indoor playground.

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About Ameco

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Call us for questions about our products or other questions about Ameco Playgrounds. +32 (0) 15 768768

Ameco Playgrounds
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Ameco Playgrounds is an international manufacturer of playground equipment and playgrounds.
Our close involvement in your project provides customization with optimal playing pleasure.
We ensure optimal service, correct quality and flexible production.

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